Potato Engine

What is Potato Engine ?

The Potato Engine is a set of libraries and tools designed to speed up cross-platform game development on the PC (Linux/Windows). I was enrolled in this project during my studies. We deal with a lot of computer science field, from computer graphics to networks.

Every work done for this project is under various open source licenses (GPL/LGPL) and can be very useful for a beginner in game development.

Where can I find it ?

It’s simple here : http://code.google.com/p/potatoengine/

I’m not sure to understand what it’s for …

Sometime a small video is better than text, so here we are.


This video is a demonstration of the network prototype realised in mid-2010 -ogre3D, ODE and C++-.  Approximately 2 weeks of works -design + code- outside of the student life =0)

Source code

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