Passive pleasure

What is Passive pleasure_ ?_

Passive pleasure is a prototype of game to explore ideas and collect feedback from testers. The game principles is the creation of the same team of friends that “Potato Engine” project.

What is about ?

The user can control different kind of characters : the hero, the water, the fire, the earth, the air. Each characters have is own particularity and power (ie: the air can blow things, the water can fill clouds of water or fill pits). Some characters can be merged with others to combine powers and create a new character like water + earth = plant, earth + air = storm, etc … It’s enough for you to understand what it’s about, and we don’t want to say you too much =0)

What are the controls ?

1,2,3,4,5: select the character to control left,right: move the character up: jump enter : merge/unmerge characters space : use the character power

What about the technique/code side ?

This small prototype is written in Java from scratch. It runs under any Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. This prototype was a way to try out the GameObject and GameComponent approach vastly documented on the web, and I can tell you: it’s awesome.

Source code : passive pleasure
Executable : passive pleasure executable (In this example, the map is very very simple)

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