"My todo list everywhere" an example of GWT + AppEngine


Those days, I played with GWT and AppEngine (GWT is an easy way to write ajax application, and AppEngine is a host, datastore and set of tools for web applications). Their are great tools, and a lot of tutorials are available.

The downside for a new incomer is to find an example mixing a lot of features of each technology. But, don’t be afraid, here you will find a great example =0).

The web application is a very simple todo list manager. You login with your Google Account, and be redirected to your set of todos. You can add/delete todos. It’s simple but also enough complex to discover and use a lot of features of GWT and AppEngine.

What can you find in this example ?

How to serve a GWT application by a servlet generating the webpage and including the xxx.nocache.js

How to use Activity, ActivityManager and Place and how to mix them with GIN (Guice for GWT, which is a dependency injection framework)

How to use GWT RPC communications with the Action/Response design pattern.

How to inject RPC in and RPC out event to display a loading popup.

How to embedded JavaScript data while serving the GWT application webpage in order to reduce the number of server requests (embedded implies that you save a few requests to the server after page loading)

To be continued …

What can be improved ? (a lot)

** **1. Less server requests

  1. Less work on the client side
  1. Better user experience

What you must don’t look !!!

Please, don’t juge the CSS. I didn’t spend time on it, so it’s a bit messy and not well or not at all organized.

Where can I find this example ?

Application link: http://todo-list-everywhere.appspot.com/

Source code link: http://code.google.com/p/my-todo-list-everywhere/

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